This is my PagodaBox + Concrete5 evaluation. 

I'm looking at possible hosting solutions, ranging from Dedicated LAMP hosting by the big name providers like Rackspace, to old school Shared Hosting. The new kids on the block are the various Cloud platforms such as AppFog (formerly PHPFog) and PagodaBox. There are of course others, but some are invite only or beta (e.g. OpenShift) as of Jan 2013.

My first Cloud platform evalutation is PagodaBox. I'm attracted to this one because it supports local development using Eclipse PDT and Git. I'm new to Git but we're familiar with SVN. It also supports writable folders and has Quickstarts for Concrete5, which is our CMS of choice.

We have yet another C5 project on the horizon, which will probably be outsourced, so collaboration with remote developers would be a bonus for any platform we choose.

The PagodaBox QuickStart I'm using is from

So far it's installed with a single click. I've connected the site with the C5 Community. I've installed a free Minimalistic Theme ( I've added a couplke of addons. And I've added an remote image to the File Manager using the multiple upload feature and providing just the URL of the image. Many of these processes I can't do on my existing in-house hosting because it's so locked down, so being able to do this without fuss using this QuickStart and PagodaBox is impressive.

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